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  Snippet for the week:  November 1989 - Datel selling 16k VIC20 expansion for 14.99(!)

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    Machines in collection: 22
    Value if new (approx): 7000
    Average of last 3 purchases: 2
    Additions per month: 1.5
    TOP HEADLINES Working ZX81 Added Commodore plus/4 Working Commodore plus/4 Acquired Netscape Fix Donors Club Project 64 Hosting @ Repair Manuals Atari 520STFM Repaired ZX81 Acquired Spectrum+ Repair Failed Site Revamped


    Working ZX81 Added

    A trip to the local car-boot sale has yielded a ZX81 in perfect working order complete with box and manuals.

    Commodore plus/4 working

    I found a very helpful document on the web detailing the power requirements of the plus/4. It uses the same power as a C64 but with a square connector instead of the 64's round one. One spare PSU and a bit of soldering later and the plus/4 fired up first time. Only got one game for it though!

    Commodore plus/4 Acquired

    I have recently bought a Commodore plus/4 which I have been informed is in working order. Unfortunately it did not come with a power supply so I have yet to verify this.

    Netscape Compatibility Fixed

    I have now fixed the problems which caused Netscape to display this page incorrectly.

    Donors Club

    I thought it would be a good idea to help those who are trying to preserve these classic old machines to start a 'Donors Club'. Basically it would be a register of spare parts from those machines which could 'help others after their death'. If you are interested in joining please drop me a line .

    Project 64

    I have often used this facility in the past and thought it would be of use to other collectors of machines who may have bought (Commodore) equipment and found that there are no manuals for one reason or another.

    Hosting @

    You can now get your site hosted with .

    Repair Manuals

    I am trying to get hold of repair manuals for my machines so they may fixed in the event of hardware failure. Normally parts can be donated from other machines but it is determining which parts that sometimes proves tricky. I welcome any submissions on this front and equally I will make any information freely available to the collecting community.

    Atari 520STFM Repaired

    My Atari ST has been miraculously been repaired after being dismantled for cleaning. It was just 'bombing' on power-up but after being scrubbed inside and out and more likely the chips being pushed home it has been behaving itself. Last seen running Paperboy.....

    ZX81 Acquired

    I have acquired a ZX81 by pure chance! It was hidden in the bottom of a box that I bought a Spectrum 48k+ in. Alas, like the Spectrum, it doesn't work so it looks like some surgery will be required.

    Spectrum+ Repair Failed

    I had replaced the voltage regulator thinking it was the cause of the continual reboot cycle problem which afflicts this machine. It turns out it has made no difference. These notoriously dodgy machines look like they have another casualty.

    Site Revamped

    As you may have noticed, friends, this site has had a major overhaul of late. I have a few DHTML bits to attend to so stay tuned for more updates!

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