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Manufacturer Commodore-Amiga Inc. Amiga 500 The Amiga 500 was the successor to the original Amiga - the A1000. It was designed as a cut-down home version of its forebear but had 512 Kb instead of the previous 256 Kb. In a now-legendary coup, Commodore bought the failing Amiga company from under Atari's nose which spurred Atari into creating the Atari ST. Initially the ST was more popular but the Amiga eventually outshone and outsold it's rival. The Amiga OS was far ahead of it's time for a desktop machine and the multitasking is still superior to many today. A later version called the A500+ came with 1 Mb CHIP RAM and had Kickstart/OS 2.04.
My Amiga 500 is a later Kickstart 1.3 model with an Enhanced Chip Set 'Fatter Agnus' which, among other things, allows the second 512 Kb to mapped into CHIP RAM (memory for sound and graphics). I also have the A570 CD-ROM drive which allows the machine to operate as a CDTV.
Year 1986
Country U.S.A.
CPU Motorola MC68000 at 7.14 MHz
RAM 512 Kb
Serial Number 644987
Owned since August 1989
Faults or Damage Slight 'yellowing' on the case.
Accessories/Peripherals 512 Kb RAM trapdoor expansion. A570 CD-ROM drive.



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