Sinclair PC 200 
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Manufacturer Sinclair Research (Amstrad) Sinclair PC 200 The PC 200 was the last machine to be sold under the Sinclair name. Sinclair was owned by Amstrad by this time and the machine is just a PC XT clone being a re-housed Amstrad PC 1512. What is interesting is that it is rare for a PC to be sold in such a format i.e. the case much like an Amiga A500 or an Atari ST. Another rare feature for a PC of this vintage is the provision of a RF out socket for connection to a TV.
This machine had no software when it was given to me.
Year 1986
Country U.K.
CPU Intel 8086 at 8 MHz
RAM 512 Kb
Serial Number 522-8807025
Owned since February 1998
Faults or Damage None.
Accessories/Peripherals Colour Monitor.



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